Manage your venue sourcing in one place
Save Time
  • Search 1,000’s of suitable venues
  • Send one enquiry to multiple venues
  • No more venue phone calls or emails
Get Organised
  • Experts help you through the process
  • Create venue shortlists
  • Easily compare all offers in one place
Great Offers
  • Save up to 30% on venue bookings
  • Take advantage of booker bonus awards
  • Get additional discounts on bedrooms
Meet your new venue finding tool
  • Shortlist your preferred venues
  • Send your request for proposal
  • Request Group Accomodation
  • Receive venue bids to your dashboard
  • Compare offers & pick your venue
MeetingsBooker experts are ready to help
  • Venue advice and recommendations
  • Information gathering
  • Advice on selection process
  • Set up site inspections
Michael Holder

Jenni Coonan

Shaun Dunne

Courtney Caplan

Orla Shatwell

Harish Naidu

Join thousands of companies finding an easier way to book
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