Best way to sell meeting rooms

With our online booking system on your website, you make sales with no phone calls, no proposals and no need for emailed responses because it's all automated. Its fast and efficient for you and the client.

Faster and better than enquiry forms

Enquiry FormMB Booking System
SpeedSlow (24hr Minimum)Confirmed booking in 5 mins
WeekendsTypically no responseAvailable 24/7
Automated Special OffersNoneLead Time and Seasonal
Conversion Rate~ 15%65%
Repeat Usage~ 5%80%

Set-up takes only 5 minutes

All you need to do is paste a small snippet of code on top your meetings/events page and our search widget will appear.

Customise the design

You can keep your brand manager happy by customising the look of your booking engine. Our simple theme management allows you to upload your logo and assign the appropriate colours to buttons, backgrounds, fonts and more.

Make sales on all devices

Our room booking software displays perfectly on all devices because we've built it using responsive technology.

Meeting room booking engineIphone 5S

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